Many people have asked me by email what kind of mic, instruments and effects I was using on stage and studio, so instead of trying to reply everyone 1 year late I decided to open this little section on my website...I tend to constantly update my rig so it is also a pleasure for me to share the experience here :-)


 Wooden flutes:
Stéphane Morvan flutes in D, Eb, Bb

Pol Jezequel hybrid flute in D 10keys
Gilles Lehart in Bb, F
Windward (keyless) and Geert Lejeune (fully keyed) in C
bansuri bamboo flutes in all keys by Harsh Wardhan

duduks in A, Bb, B (H), C, D by MKS (Karen Mukayelyan) ghamish (reeds) by Arman, SGS and Andranik Vardanyan.

Zurna in A, B and C made by Özgür Altun, Kabazurna in D made by Ali Rıza Acar
uilleann-pipes chanter made by Benedict Koehler/reeds made by Paddy O'Hare
drones and regulators made by Ronan Olivier
biniou kozh in G#, A and Bb made by Youenn Le Bihan

GEAR: (for live work)

EVENTIDE H8000FW Multi-channel Harmonizer/multi-effect
EVENTIDE H3000 S (upgraded to D/SE) harmonizer
EVENTIDE Eclipse Multi-effect
EVENTIDE H9 multi-effect pedal
Keith McMILLEN 12 Step control pedal
Keith McMILLEN Softstep control pedal
Digitech Whammy 5 pedal, Montreal Assembly Count to Five, Red Panda Particle, TC Electronic Ditto X4, Touell Skouarn (made in Brittany!) Germanium Fuzz, Mesa Boogie V-Twin distortion, Gamechanger Audio Plus Pedal, Eventide Mixing Link. Leslie 760 Rotary speaker.
Universal Audio Apollo Quad Interface (with ALL Plugins)


-stage : Beyerdynamic TG v96c (for flutes and duduks) and also DPA 4066. for uilleann-pipes beta 57.

-Studio: Neumann M49 for basically everything... not mine though ;-) but I have a great clone of M49 made by Dave Thomas from Advanced Audio Microphones... Also using a gefell m930 works pretty good too.